All questions must be answered fully according to the instructions. Full disclosure is required. Omissions or inaccuracies are grounds for withdrawal of the application, or suspension from the Lawyer Licensing Process.

After completing the second page of the application, you will be asked to confirm or edit the information that you have entered up to that point. Upon confirmation, the system will create a unique Lawyer Licensing Process username and temporary password for your Lawyer Licensing Process web account, which will be sent to the email address that you initially provided. Your username and password must then be used to access your Lawyer Licensing Process web account to complete Part II of the application process.

Note: All fields with an asterisk ( * ) must be completed.

Have you previously been licensed as a paralegal in Ontario?*  

If you are licensed as a paralegal (Class P1 Licence), you must ensure that you do not allow your licence to be suspended or revoked while you are in the Lawyer Licensing Process.  Failure to remain entitled to provide legal services as a paralegal while you still hold a Class P1 Licence may result in a delay in your application to become licensed as a lawyer.

For further information about your P1 status while in the Lawyer Licensing Process, please contact Membership Services.